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21st-Jan-2007 10:31 pm - Interest Icons
Hi guys!

Gosh I haven't posted since November when I ~*announced*~ my ~*hiatus~*. I kind of feel like making icons again, so lets do an interest icon meme!

Comment and i'll make you 3 "interest" icons of celebrities that you have listed in your interests. PLEASE only comment if you have at least 3 really famous people in your interests cause I always get people who have really weird interests that I have never heard of. LOL.

Well, comment!

14th-Nov-2006 01:37 pm - 21 ICONS & HIATUS
I am going on hiatus. I don't have a lot of time to go on the computer, and when I do I just don't feel like making icons. I'm involved in a couple LIMS competitions and even making 1 icon a week seems like a hassle to me. Here are all the icons I have made since my last post. Please don't leave the community. I will update every once in awhile, but not very often. Thanks for everything guys!

*CREDIT pennypixels
*comment with what you are taking, and/or constructive criticism
*no hotlinking, posting anywhere else, customizing, etctetc
*some of these bases are from basebeat
*in this post: rachel mcadams, hayden panetterteteeieieieie, adriana lima, christina aguilera, joaquin phoenix, tyra banks, natalie portman

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22nd-Oct-2006 09:15 pm - 42 icons
Yay, that celeb post DID inspire me! I've recently gotten into Matt Damon... always thought he was alright, but his performance in THE DEPARTED was incredible. If you haven't seen the movie, GO GO GO GO. Matt was requested , and so was Adrien Brody. The rest are just some random pictures I liked. I tried out many different things on these (some of the Matt ones are actually pretty weird LOL), so please comment to let me know what you think even if you don't take anything. Enjoy!

(1-21) Matt Damon
(22-30) Adrien Brody
(31-35) Mary-Kate Olsen
(36-38) Jessica Simpson
(39-40) Mischa Barton
(41) Hilary Duff
(42) Nicole from ANTM

*CREDIT x_fangirl and/or pennypixels
*comment with what you are taking and/or opinions
*don't hotlink, customize, steal, or post anywhere else!


Next up: More Matt Damon, and more requests of: Edward Norton & Antonio Banderas :)
19th-Oct-2006 11:06 pm - 20 icons :)
A small post is better than no post! :)

Jessica Alba, Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, Adam Brody, Kirsten Dunst, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson, Katherine Heigl, James Franco, Michelle Trachtenberg, Christina Aguilera.

*credit pennypixels
*don't hotlink, don't customize, don't post anywhere else
*join and participate in jsimpson_lims & charlize_lims & bspears_lims

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Also.. if any of you have any particular pictures of: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, Tyra Banks, or Alessandra Ambrosio that you want made into an icon, PLEASE comment with it. I feel like I make the best icons of these girls and so, if you want to comment with some pics of them you can.
13th-Oct-2006 11:36 pm - 58 icons :)
sorry i have lacked on posting! i am very uninspired lately. :/

I did win the LIMS at jsimpson_lims though! *bows* lol.

here are my jessica LIMS winning iconsCollapse )

here are a bunch of other random icons. some are pretty old, and sadly, not my best work! :/ hopefully something will inspire me soon.


[1-15] Jessica Simpson
[16-22] Hilary Duff
[23-38] Ashlee Simpson
[30-32] Kate Moss
[33-35] Britney Spears
[36-38] The OC
[39-41] Brittany Murphy
[42-44] Isaac Hanson
[45-46] Kate Hudson
[47-48] Angelina Jolie
[49-50] MKA
[51] Tyra Banks
[52] Dior Model
[53] Reese Witherspoon

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7th-Oct-2006 05:14 pm - announcements & 45 icons
dicaprio; can't waitttt
Several things:

1. Got a new layout. I like it very much. It's by reversescollide

2. showgirldesigns has unfortunately closed, and now here at pennypixels is the only place to find my gravity defying, earth shattering graphics. rofl.

3. I am making the community public.

4. I want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has joined and also, thanks to everyone using the icons and crediting. Everytime I see someone using something I check for credit and so far I haven't seen anyone who isn't crediting. That's really awesome guys. I appreciate it. :)


Here's a bunch of random icons i've submitted into challenges over the past month or so.

-CREDIT x_fangirl and/or pennypixels
-Comment with opinions and/or the numbers you're taking
-don't hotlink, don't customize, only use on LJ, don't post anywhere else, etctetetctec!

(8) Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
(6) Reese Witherspoon
(6) The OC/Rachel/Mischa
(4) Jessica Simpson
(4) Adriana Lima
(4) Alessandra Ambrosio
(3) Katherine Heigl
(2) Mean Girls
(1) Uma Thurman
(1) Christina Aguilera
(1) Jessica Stam
(1) Sophia Bush
(1) Keira Knightley
(1) Tyra Banks
(1) Hilary Duff
(1) Rachel McAdams

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4th-Oct-2006 02:38 am - 200 MEMBERS!
mcadams ♥ i adore you!
200+ members wow!Collapse )

hope you are all having a very magical day! :) this isn't a very big batch but i wanted to post something. please be sure to comment and always CREDIT! :)

(10) Rachel McAdams
(4) Jessica Simpson

Userinfo Banners:
Rachel, Jessica, Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Hudson, Rachel Bilson, Christina Aguilera, Kristin Cavallari, Adriana Lima.

if i get a lot of comments on these i might take requests if you like em. :)

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hanson icon challenges: tayzacike_ic
29th-Sep-2006 01:30 pm - 34 icons
some icons of the lovely and amazing GISELE BUNDCHEN today! in here there are some with ale & karolina & the other VS girls but it focuses on gisele. :)

remember to:
~CREDIT x_fangirl and/or pennypixels or i'm banning your ass
~Comment with the numbers you're taking
~don't hotlink
~don't customize
~only use on LJ
~go see THE DEPARTED when it comes out next week.
~go see THE DEPARTED when it comes out next week.
~go see THE DEPARTED when it comes out next week.

(01-23) Gisele Bundchen
(24-32) Gisele with other models
(33-34) Karolina Kurkova

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24th-Sep-2006 07:28 pm - interest icons! ;)
spears; music of my heart
finished the interest icons! ;) next will be of GISELE<3 and more christina. ;) and i will be doing the showgirldesigns interest icons. join there if you haven't, i post there and there are a bunch of amazing posters! ;)

remember to:
~CREDIT x_fangirl and/or pennypixels or i'm banning your ass
~Comment with the numbers you're taking
~don't hotlink
~don't customize
~only use on LJ
~adopt a homeless pet
~don't be a litterbug
~wear a helmet

(1-7) Kristin Cavallari from xhome_fryx's interests
(8-16) Courtney Cox & David Arquette from keepon_dreaming's interests
(17-30) Adam Brody/The OC from pinkjrain's interests
(30-36) Christina Aguilera from sparklesis2004's interests

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21st-Sep-2006 02:07 am - MORE INTEREST ICONS! :)
i am still not done. lol. so if your name is not on here, don't worry! i also want to say WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! like 40 new people joined. you people rock. i really appreciate you joining. :) thank you!

~CREDIT x_fangirl and/or pennypixels or you'll be banned & reported bitches!
~COMMENT with the numbers you are taking or with opinions
~do not hotlink
~do not customize
~vote in the next election
~drive safely
~feed the hungry

(1-13) Jessica Simpson (from sjjtnj's interests)
(14-20) Paris Hilton (from sugarcoatedoll's interests)
(21-25) Lisa Kudrow (from hitz_girl's interests)
(26-32) Ben Jelen (from xnikki118x's interests)
(33-38) A Walk To Remember (from guitarlovenjc's interests)
THESE ARE SHAREABLE; they are for everyone, not just those listed above.

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